Fenoglio Alberto,
chestnut processing in the province of Cuneo

Family, work, love for the territory

The Fenoglio family began selling fruit and vegetables in the Monregalese area in the early 1900s, specialising in selecting the produce of small local producers in the southern Piedmont region, who supplied the crops harvested on their own land. Mushrooms, chestnuts, peaches, cherries, plums and apples were harvested and sold on wholesale markets in northern Italy and to local processing and direct sales companies.

The passion for selling fruit and vegetables, combined with the experience gained during the years spent working alongside his father, led Alberto Fenoglio to dedicate his life to this work, combining trade with the processing and transformation of chestnuts, a characteristic product found in large quantities in the province of Cuneo.

In the 1970s, the company grew and settled in Vicoforte, where premises were built to house the processing of the fresh chestnuts, along with facilities for storing, drying and sorting them.

As time went by and thanks to the experience gained by the Fenoglio family, the company continued to look to the future, focusing on the chestnut supply chain.

The commercial activity was not, however, neglected; on the contrary, it was enhanced from a different perspective.

It was during these years that, in 1980, Alberto and his wife Albina decided to open a small grocery shop for the retail sale of local fruit and vegetables, mushrooms and chestnuts processed in-house.

Il Bottegone

Taking on the challenges
of the global market

Their daughters Franca and Bruna became part of the company in the 1990s.

The second generation joined Alberto in relaunching and implementing the business, focusing primarily on the processing of dried chestnuts, investing in equipment and processes aimed at raising quality and being increasingly competitive on the national and international markets. In recent years, in fact, exports have taken on a prominent position, not only throughout Italy and Europe, but also worldwide.

In addition to its international market position, the Fenoglio family cares deeply about the territory where it has its roots. Today, more than ever, it is committed to protecting that territory, interfacing directly with the customer at Il Bottegone, the family’s retail shop.

The shop was created to promote the consumption of chestnuts and their by-products, but also offers a selection of fruit and vegetables from local producers.

The typical products most present and in demand at Il Bottegone are mushrooms, mainly Porcini (Boletus edulis) and Ovuli (Amanita), harvested by mushroom pickers in the local woods and pine forests and then processed and marketed on the best fruit and vegetable counters.

Visitors to the shop often bump into “bulaiè”, authentic experts in mushroom picking. Their passion for exploring the woods is an art handed down from childhood and soon turns into a real job. It matters little if the season is not particularly generous, their baskets are always full of delicious Porcini.

The Fenoglio family shop supports the small businesses of the Monregalese and nearby Langhe areas, offering a selection of local biscuits, honey, flours, wines, pasta, fruit and vegetables, an expression of the excellence of our land.

Fenoglio Alberto
Dried <br />chestnuts

Dried <br />chestnuts

Chestnut <br/>flour

Chestnut <br/>flakes

Pasta made with <br/>chestnut flour
Pasta made with
chestnut flour

Artisan processing

Fenoglio Alberto S.R.L has established itself as a company capable of ensuring the availability of chestnuts throughout the year, going beyond the seasonal limits. This is possible thanks to an artisan transformation process that makes it possible to obtain a wide range of different products to meet the varying needs of consumers. The chestnut processing cycle begins with the procurement of the fresh product, which is harvested daily from September to November in cooperation with local farmers and chestnut growers.

Then begins the company’s main activity, the processing of chestnuts to obtain a final product ready for consumption.

Processing is divided into the following phases:

  • Washing and sterilisation
  • Grading and sorting the fresh product
  • Loading and monitoring the hot-air drying equipment
  • Storing and peeling the dried chestnuts
  • Manual and optical selection

After selecting the dried chestnuts, processing proceeds differently depending on the product to be obtained:

  • Packaging pure dried chestnuts
  • Milling and temperature-controlled storage in the case of chestnut flour
  • Crushing to obtain chestnut chips
  • Flaking to make chestnut flakes

Fenoglio Alberto

Processing of Chestnuts and Fruit and Vegetables

Strada Statale 28, n° 8
12080 Vicoforte (CN) – Italia
Tel. +39.0174.563249
Email: info@fenoglioalberto.it

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